Looking for used washing machines that are closest to the new ones? You couldn’t arrive at a better place. Contrary to mediocre second hand appliances stores, we do not randomly put washing machines for sale. Our team takes every washing machine through a comprehensive process where every single unit is carefully inspected, refined, and cleaned. They only make it to the featured gallery after getting clearance certificates from industry experts.

Since A1 Appliances’ has a vast collection, you can find washers that could fit in anywhere. In other words, we take space issues off the table.

Our used washing machines are so good that we even back them up with 90 days warranty. We also take the responsibility for delivery. Meaning, you will not have to separately heel-drag to connect with a shipment service provider. Our company will make sure the products get transferred to the desired location at the earliest without suffering from any undue wear and tear.

You do not necessarily have to be a professional to buy a second hand washing machine for sale. However, you must prudently weigh down a few factors to make good use of your money:

  • Physical Condition

If you do not evaluate physical condition properly, you could be in for unpleasant surprises. At the same time, it is not a wise idea to throw all your weight behind photographs. So make sure to observe the physical condition in person.

  • Load Capacity

Load capacity is directly proportional to family members. The bigger the family, the more the load capacity.

  • Age

Washing machines are used almost every day. If they are too old, they might be not on top of the efficiency level.

  • Brand

We recommend you stick to a celebrated brand while purchasing a used washing machine.

We are proud to declare that A1 Appliances’ washing machines for sale live to up all these criteria.


  • Agitator Top-Loaders

They are one of the oldest washing machines. Despite being around for nearly 60 years, agitator top-loaders are still pretty common. These washing machines are economical.

  • Impeller Top-Loaders

Impeller top-loaders are known for their high efficiency. They take on clothes very gently, which makes them ideal for delicate fabric types.

  • Compact Front-Loaders

As the title suggests, compact front-loaders are perfect for small spaces.

  • Standard Front-Loaders

The stand-out feature of standard front-loaders is their spinning tumble speed. That is why they get the job done in a flash.

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