A1 Appliances WH possesses a huge inventory of refurbished dryers. Our dryers feature various in-demand colors such as white, red, silver, black, and so on. We have also a variety of sizes of dryers for sale. So whether you are looking for a compact or extra-large machine, we have you covered.

Having years of industry experience under the belt, we are aware that consumers get concerned about the quality while investing in a second hand dryer. That is why A1 Appliances WH only provides products of top-rated brands. Whirlpool, LG, GE, and Samsung to name a few of them. Therefore, you can count on us for a dryer that will ensure supreme performance in the long run.

Our warehouse keeps receiving plenty of used dryers regularly. It effectively means you will never fall short of the options. From heat pump dryers to vented dryers, we have much more to offer.

There is no shortage of brands putting up dryers for sale. But you should evaluate a few things before making your mind to buy them.

  • Functionality

Used clothes dryers come up with multiple functions. For example, if you want to operate the dryer from a considerable distance, you should look for smart/wifi features.

  • Size

If your family comprises 2 people, buying a 4kg to 6.5kg dryer would get the job done. For 4 people, consider sticking to an 8.5kg dryer.

  • Efficiency

Your purchasing decision should be heavily influenced by water and energy efficiency. A dryer with a higher rating tends to be more efficient.



Dryers are divided into different types. Unless you are well-versed about them, you cannot make the smart purchasing decision.

  • Vented Dryers

These dryers pass the air into a drum once it becomes too moist. After that, the dry air creeps in to do the proceedings. Vented dryers are ideal for open or well-ventilated spaces.

  • Heat Pump Dryers

Heat pump dryers are known for being on top of energy efficiency. Since they do not exhaust warm air, the laundry room will not have to keep up with humidity.

  • Condenser Dryers

Condenser dryers work best for tight areas. That is why they are commonly seen in small apartments.

  • Steam Tube Dryers

If your clothes need to be dried at a low temperature, look no further. Steam tube dryers also have an easy operating mechanism.

At A1 Appliances WH, we have all these types and more used dryers for sale.

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