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There was a time when homeowners had limited options when they set out to buy washers and dryers. It made the shopping somewhat easier for them. However, things have changed now. The market is literally flooded with washers and dryers for sale in perth. Amid the truckload of options, buyers often have a hard time bumping into the right appliances.

That is where this guide comes into play. We have compiled a list of factors that you need to consider before starting your shopping venture. Rest assured, sticking to the following guidelines will make sure you get the best return on investment:

  1. Set Up A Budget

This is the most critical step. Once you work out a budget, it will lead to much-needed clarity. That way, you can also get away from overspending and avoid landing yourself in financial trouble. The good news is that the market has become more competitive than ever before. Therefore, you are more likely to find a dryer and washing machine for sale in Perth even with a tight budget.

You can save a significant amount of money by shopping at the right time. September and October are typically the months when new models are introduced, and stores sell out old ones at hefty discounts. So whether you are looking for a stackable washing machine and dryer or other types, this can be a very good window to place your order. Apart from that, prices of washers and dryers for sale in Perth also decline on days like Labor Day, Memorial Day, Black Friday, etc.

There is a common misconception among consumers that buying last year’s model means you are using an outdated appliance. But, in reality, the year-to-year upgrades have a narrow scope. They are particularly restricted to features and style. In simple words, you can more or less the similar product at a much cheaper price.

  1. Take Features Into Account

A standard stacking washing machine includes features such as temperature setting, stain removal, automatic water levels, extended spin, extra rinse cycle, drying rack, and hand wash. That said, you can also buy a washer and dryer with additional high-tech features. Though salespersons tend to give a brief description of these features, you might not be able to get your head around them unless you are a tech-geek.

To be on the safe side, you should do your homework and dive into the high-tech features in advance:

  • Steam: As the title signifies, this feature enables you to steam your clothes and eliminate tough stains.
  • Digital display: Digital display takes the guesswork out of the equation. You can keep an eye on your wash’s progress and keep things under control. What is more, the latest digital displays come with a memory setting. They give you the option to choose your common wash program.
  • Noise: Putting hard fabrics inside the washer and dryer can turn them pretty noisy. Guess what? You can significantly reduce voice in modern-day washers and dryers. If you want to get this feature, look for a washer and dryer with low decibels.
  • Wi-Fi: This feature has created quite a stir among customers. If you buy a Wi-Fi-enabled washer and dryer, you will be able to control the appliances through the smartphone. To icing on the cake is that you will be notified as soon as the cycle marks ending.
  • Self-clean: It is necessary to clean your washer and dryer every once in a while. It adds to their efficiency. Using the self-clean feature, you will not have to physically indulge in cleaning very frequently.
  1. Consider Size

Washers and dryers are available in different sizes. You need to determine how much space you can allocate for them. The best way to get a precise idea about the size is to measure the laundry area. Do not make the mistake of completely jamming the laundry area with appliances. There must be an extra space of 4-6 inches, which will come in handy to easily maneuver the washer and dryer.

  1. Figure Out The Style

There are two fundamental styles of dryers and washing machine for sale in perth ; front -loading and top-loading. Selecting between two has a lot to do with how an individual takes up the laundry. Besides, space can also come out as deciding factor. For example, people with adequate horizontal space in their house will handpick front-loading appliances. On the other hand, top-loading washers and dryers for sale in Perth usually become an automatic choice for households with an abundance of vertical space.

  1. Read Customer Reviews

By this point, you might have narrowed down your choices. Now it is about time to take a deep dive into online reviews and get further clarity. There are so many credible online review platforms. You can count on their reviews and make them part of your decision-making process.

The Final Verdict

Washers and dryers are arguably the most important household appliances. So buying poor-quality units means you will have to keep up with a tremendous amount of inconvenience. Not to mention financial blow. Stick to this guide to get reliable products.

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