Amazing Apps for Selling the Second Hand Stuff

There lie several apps where people can sell their stuff and make extra cash with that. This blog brings the major apps where one can sell items online, from auction bidding sites that are popular enough to applications that can help one to offload the designer duds that are unwanted. Read the following blog to see which of the applications could be downloaded the next time when one wants to sell some goods, through one can put some extra cash in their pocket. Let’s have an overview of such apps.


eBay is one of the largest online marketplaces that were founded back in 1995, with an international 187 million buyers. There lie two of the ways through which one can sell items, these are auction or fixed-price listing. Whereas, in both of these auctions selling is the most well-known feature of the app. One can simply upload a picture of the item that is supposed to be sold out, set the initial bid, and set the auction’s date.

It is to be kept in mind that once the auction comes to an end, one is contractually obliged to sell off the item to the winning bid. Whereas, buyers can also be there bidding on the items by making use of an automatic bidding system at eBay which automatically bids in increments that are comparatively higher than the last bid. While, there lie numerous ways through which sellers could be paid and this includes: debit or credit card, PayPal, merchant debit or credit card, or payment on pickup.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a great app that offers a chance to offload unwanted stuff and credit some extra cash in one’s pocket. Overviewing the selling apps, Facebook Marketplace actually acquires a little structure. Like with numerous apps, the items that are there tethered for sale are tailored to one’s geographical location. But, former to the process of uploading photos of the item for sale and later finding out the potential, it depends on oneself to work out the payment and delivery. Another benefit of the Facebook Marketplace is that one isn’t required to download an entirely new application for accessing the Facebook Marketplace since it is there accessible through the Facebook application.


Nextdoor also is a neighborhood-specific social network that also acquires a section of For Sale and Free. It actually is catered as a good option for the selling and buying of second-hand items, locally. For listing an item for sale one is expected to select the button that lies at the screen’s top right-hand corner that says “Post a listing”, later choose either For Sale or Free section. Next lies the filling up of the information such as photos, description, and price. Whereas, just like a similar application, it is dependent on the seller and buyer to facilitate the sort of pickup as well as payment. Furthermore, another advantage of Nextdoor is that the item for sale will be there appearing in the newsfeeds of one’s neighbors, even in the conditions where the neighbor isn’t specifically searching for the items that are listed for sale.


OfferUp is another amazing application where one can sell anything and of any sort. The reason for this is the rating of every seller and so one can get an exclusive idea related to the caliber of the seller. Moreover, at OfferUp selling an item is just a matter of seconds and one even can select their preference regarding the selling of an item, as if they want to sell the item locally or nationwide. One can find the most potential buyers are OfferUp and one can directly be paid once the buyer receives the item.

CPlus for Craigslist

Craigslist app CPlus is one of the best applications that can help one to turn unwanted stuff into hard cash. It is to be noted that this application is a third-party application but it actually is officially licensed by Craigslist. The working of this application is easier to be tackled. One can list an item for sale just like the way they will be listed via Craigslist on a desktop – uploading a photo, inserting a title, description, and then finalizing the prices. Whereas, the app also facilitates the sellers with an option where one can be alerted through notifications when a new item is there listed, offers multiple display options, and automatically enables geolocation.

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